Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Lets face it everyone should have a winch, they are the jeep industries main support. Everyone gets stuck at somepoint and being without one can really suck. You hook up to anything that can hold some weight such as a tree or other vehicles. Winches usually hold anywhere from 3 to 5 tonns, perfect for any tow. They do have a cost though, anywhere from 2 to 30 grand can get you a nice winch, but they are a neccessity in the indusrty. If your going mudding make sure yours is working correctly or have someone who has one come with you in case.



Swampers, the best thing to happen to offroading vehicles. With wide set tires and over 2 inch tread, gripping that mud or rock wont be a problem. With over 200 mm wide tires this is a promising buy if you invest in it. They take soo much beating and have so much time to wear down, also being made of hard compound rubber they dont leave strips, or the oil residue. They are worth alot but bewtween the use of them and the 2 years you can get out of them its an excellent buy. The angle of the treads throw out any water and mud that might become lodged while driving, simply spinning your tires in the mud will throw it all off giving you near perfect traction once again. Def something to look into if your interested in taking a vehicle out to go mudding.

Off Roading tips and Info

Wherever you choose to go whether its up noth to Timmins or down south past London there are allways new areas to explore. the main thing to remember is if you cant afford to play then dont risk it. Always bring your spare tools for minor repairs, something is always bound to happen to someone. When rock climbing always hit the mound on an angle and have your spotter watch you dont smash ur undercarriage. stock skid plates dont work worth crap, steel sid playes with lift kits are always fun to help you get over those tricky obsticles. Always good to remember to go slow over deep set hills or holes as you never know whats underneath that could damage your truck tires or axles. One Of the mistakes Most people make is when they are in a trench in 4 wheel drive dont go fast or your going to lose your eyebolts and U joints, when your in 4 low remember dont gunn it too much becuase when you hear that clunk sound your going to be dog legging it home, so keep all your tools close by.

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